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Sayulita, Mexico​ | Marin County, California

​- Your Smart-phone will work in Sayulita, but check with your telephone carrier to see if there is anything you need to do before you leave to make sure your phone works in Mexico, without the very expensive 'out of country' rates. 


On the plane you'll be given a tourist card to fill out. DO NOT LOSE THIS DOCUMENT. The cost of a tourist card (about $25) is included in your plane fare. The card will be stamped at customs/immigration in the Mexico airport (rather than your passport).  DO NOT LOOSE THIS SLIP OF PAPER!

Customs:  When you deplane at Puerto Vallarta  you arrive at Customs.  Here you will push a button that will give you a RED LIGHT  or a GREEN LIGHT.  Red means you have to show the agent everything in your bags.  Green means you can pass without inspection.   After you have passed inspection, proceed to the arrival gates and from there, a sea of taxis await.


Mexico is very popular in the winter, so get your ticket as soon as possible. New regulations have opened up many more flights to Mexico, but please use the following 'target times' for arrival and departure so you can join the rest of us on the ride to Sayulita!

Traveling to Sayulita

money matters 

​​CASH - you can exchange dollars for

pesos in Sayulita.  Your U.S. bank may

be able to get you pesos before you

leave but the exchange rate is pretty 

consistent here or there.

CREDIT CARDS AND ATM -  Get your cards pre-approved.  Most shops and restaurants will accept your cards, but a little cash each day is best as credit card theft/loss does occur on vacation, even at the machines. 

SECURITY -  Your hotel will most likely have a safe in each room, but many are too small for a computer.   

What to pack and

not to PACK 

​​Think twice about taking any valuables with you. 

​- Scan copies or take a photo of your passport and drivers license.

Getting ready to go

Sayulita is very informal so you can dress casually.  Pack for warm, sunny days and cooler nights with layers.  Bring hiking shoes, and flip-flops.  Also bring your favorite toiletries and vitamins, and perhaps an empty duffle bag to bring back your shopping treasures. 

Here's a packing check-list you might find helpful​​

·      Current passport and ticket

·      Cash and bank cards (pre-approved for Mexico). 

·      A fanny-pack/money belt

·      Beach wear: swim suits, sun screen, sunglasses.

·      A sarong or two and a sun dress for pool time.

·      Yoga or Dailey Method clothes 

·      A jacket, one long sleeve item and long pants

·      Your own toiletries, special products and vitamins

·      A small flashlight (or the one on your phone) 

·      Charge cords 

·      Shorts, sleeveless shirts, 

·      Hiking shoes, flip-flops/sandals

·      An empty duffle bag for the return trip home.


passports and documents 

​Passports can take a few months to process so please check your expiration date and make sure you apply far enough in advance.

We are very happy to suggest a wide variety of accommodations in Sayulita.  There is a great website to list all the vacation rentals in the town and you can shop for your price range.  Dates for the retreat are January 21-25, 2019.  Please feel free to call or write Fay Freed, for information or helpful suggestions.            FaySFreed@gmail.com

WE SUGGEST THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER AT HOME... and give yourself a real retreat.  If absolutely needed there are still a few internet cafe's in town, and WiFi is available all over town for your smart phone. 
- Contact your bank to tell them that you will be traveling in Mexico, so that your Credit Card or ATM card will be "pre-approved" for use, and take your bank or credit card's international telephone number with you (the 1-800 numbers used in the United States don't work in Mexico)